Safety Overview

Our company is built on People Pride Service. That’s who we are. That’s how we’re wired. 

“People” is the first word in our corporate identity, our company culture and the way we run our business. That’s why safety is our unrelenting first priority. Our first job is to get people home, safe and sound, every shift, every day. That means all our people — and all the people who work with us.

This commitment is backed by a company culture, a management system installed on day-one of STUDON operations, best practices, continuous improvement toward zero injuries and incidents, external audits — and the dedication of our employees. As a result, we’ve been recognized for our safety performance by Alberta Labour, Workplace Health and Safety, the Alberta Construction Safety Association, the Canadian Society of Engineering and many of our customers, including Nova Chemicals. And we’ve held a COR (certificate of recognition) rating since 1996.