Our industry is in a constant state of change, so we must continually look for new, innovative ways to become more responsive to client needs and build even better service delivery methods. We have taken up the challenge at Studon.

We continually seek new and better ways to do things by identification and implementation of innovative, new processes and procedures to ensure our Quality Management System provides our clients with a product built specifically to their high standards while meeting all government standards and requirements. At Studon, we never call off the search for ways to improve, innovate and, when necessary, reinvent.

People, Pride & Service.  That’s Studon.


Our Commitment

A Culture of Quality and Accountability

We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards and quality throughout all levels and teams within our organization.

We are driven to provide our internal and external customers with the highest possible quality with our Studon brand, a name built by a culture of accountability and excellence within our organization that is truly extraordinary.

Mission Statement: Our Quality Services Team strives to provide the best electrical and instrumentation procedures throughout the Oil & Gas industries. We want to provide the best possible products to our client with a time effective and smooth transition from construction phase to commissioning phase.

A commitment to quality is in our DNA at Studon. We expect quality in everything we do, right from the executive level to our people in the field. 

our commitment

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality Assurance from Start to Finish

Quality Control and Assurance is a critically important task from start to finish with every one of our projects.

The Quality Assurance process starts at the project bid stage where we review and document the client’s project requirements.

Once the scope of work has been identified, Studon directs a team of Quality Services representatives to ensure all avenues have been explored to ensure the final product meets all client requirements. Implementing up to date procedures and processes, then identifying each in conjunction with client specifications and the Canadian Electrical Code within our Inspection and Test Plan, gives our crews the standards and tools they need to do the job effectively at the highest standards.

Quality Control is essential throughout every phase of every project. Ensuring that all work adheres to the scope of work, specifications and code identified by our Quality Management Plan. Each project is unique and we make sure that the right team is assembled to meet the challenges of each new project.

Quality Assurance

Project Quality Management

Ensuring That Every Client Requirement Is Achieved

The planning stages begin within our Quality Team the minute we are awarded a new project.

We are a company that firmly believes collaboration and communication are the keys to success. Studon’s Quality Services Team always works hand in hand with a client’s Quality team to identify all project needs and challenges.

We work in an industry where each site is its own unique location, so a Project Quality Management Plan is essential to create a project specific breakdown of how to carry out Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities throughout the life of the project. We do this in collaboration with our clients, tapping into their insights and experience.

An Inspection and Test Plan is then created prior to project kick off to ensure all crews and supervision staff have a project breakdown of the activities to be completed, along with their associated roles and responsibilities. Our Project Quality Management Plan also identifies our procedure for Turnover with each client. At the end of the each project, our Project Quality Management Plan ensures that all client requirements are completely satisfied with our work. 

Project Quality

Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA)

Safety Compliance Is Essential

Studon is accredited with the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA), a regulatory authority which we utilize as our governing body for instrumentation tubing inspection and testing.

ABSA works in conjunction with other standards associations recognized by the Safety Codes Council in Alberta, to which we also adhere during testing of our Instrumentation products.

The other main associations are the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

We have a Pressure Piping Construction Quality System Manual as part of our entire Quality Management System which adheres to AB-518(b). Our Manual accurately describes systems to be used when constructing, repairing and altering Instrumentation Tubing in power and process piping systems, to ensure compliance with the applicable ASME Pressure Piping Code B31.1 or B31.3, customer specifications, and the Alberta Safety Codes Act and Regulations. Instrument Tubing constructed, repaired or altered shall be limited to sizes, thickness, materials and design pressure and temperature as specified.


Continuous Improvement

Committed to Improvement on Every Level

Studon is an organization dedicated to improving its processes and procedures on an ongoing basis.

Employees are encouraged to identify opportunities for improvement in all areas of the company. Some of these opportunities are identified through risk assessments, quality audits, safety audits, non-conformance etc. Once identified, team leaders would then begin our Opportunity for Improvement process.

Studon takes pride in our rigorous internal audit procedures that perform Surveillance Audits at a field level throughout the life of a project at designated completion milestones. Our surveillance audits identify areas where we can improve while still in the process of construction.

Our corporate Quality Services Team also performs In-Process Audits on our team at site to ensure client standard adherence while also adhering to our own high standards. Ultimately our auditing processes provide us with opportunities to improve our processes and give us an end product in which we can take pride.